We pump leg muscles in the gym and at home

We pump leg muscles in the gym and at home

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How often should this muscle group be trained. How to eat right at the same time. A set of exercises and the technique of their execution.

Well-pumped and embossed legs are the basis of a beautiful figure. Unfortunately, most people (including some athletes) avoid leg exercises or minimize stress. This approach is wrong. Without a beautiful bottom, even a well-pumped torso will look ugly. So the training must include exercises on the calves and hips. The only question is how to pump up your legs correctly, what exercises to do and how to organize classes at home. In general, everything is more detailed.

Balance nutrition

If you ask a professional how to quickly build up his legs, he will certainly begin his lesson with the basics – with nutrition. Indeed, there is a close relationship between a proper diet and the beauty of legs. If you eat right, you can remove excess fat. As a result, the exercise will yield faster results in the form of beautiful and sculpted muscles.

So how to eat right? No matter where you do it – at home or in the gym, it is important to balance the diet and remove fats from it. In addition, forget about harmful carbohydrates, which are found in large quantities in flour products and sweets. At the same time, carbohydrates do not need to be eliminated at all – they just have to be complex. Excellent sources of such elements are the same cereals that we eat every day, vegetables and fruits.

To quickly pump up muscles and give them a boost to growth, eat as much meat as possible. In particular, a daily serving of protein should be at least 80-100 grams (for women) and 150-200 grams (for men). To get the required amount of “building material” eat meat and cottage cheese. For example, 200 grams of the first and 300 grams of the second will provide the body with almost 70 grams of protein. Also, the diet can be enriched with vegetable salads, oatmeal and the fruits mentioned above. All this will speed up the process of pumping up legs and help in eliminating fat.

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Workout at home or in the gym should be carried out three times a week. Different results will be difficult to achieve. In addition to everything, it is worth supplementing the exercises with cycling, morning or evening jogging, work with a skipping rope and so on.

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Download legs at home

Let’s say you have no way to go to the gym for various reasons. How to build leg muscles in this case? All that is required is desire, a little time and a couple of dumbbells. Below are the best exercises for working out the muscles at home:

  • Jumping on the rise. This is one of the most popular exercises that are available at home. Find a chair of small height, which you can jump into place. The ideal option is a special podium, which is more reliable for such an exercise (unfortunately, finding such a device at home is a big problem). Stand in front of the prepared projectile at a distance of about 30-35 centimeters, bend your knees and push off the floor. During the jump, try to maximize the load of the gluteal muscles and legs. When performing the exercise, you need to go down carefully, without jumping. Otherwise, training at home may result in injury. The optimal number of repetitions is 12-14 (fewer possible). The number of approaches is 3-4. If everything is done correctly, then after 3-4 weeks of training at home, jumping will not be a problem.
  • Squats and bounces are another great home exercise. The only question is how to build legs with his help. Become in an ordinary stance, wind your hands behind your head and begin to squat until you reach an angle of 90 degrees in the knee joint. After abruptly jump to the maximum point. Such muscle training allows you to work out the hips and gluteal part. The number of repetitions is 12-14, the number of approaches is 3-4;
  • Lunges forward. Everything is simple here. Become straight, straighten your back and place your hands on your lower back at your sides. Step forward with one foot, rest against it and do a squat until you reach a 90 degree angle in the knee joint. After come back no place. Such an exercise can be done both at home and in the gym. Its advantage is not only in working out the legs, but also in tightening the gluteal muscles. The main thing is to perform it technically correctly;
  • Sumo squats. If you’ve seen sumo wrestlers at least once, then the original stance will not cause problems. Legs are wider than shoulders, socks are turned outward, palms rest on a belt. Squat to the lowest possible position and return to the starting position. If you are doing the exercise at home, it is best to stand in front of the mirror to control the correct execution. The number of approaches is 3-4, the number of repetitions is 12-14. As soon as it becomes easy – pick up dumbbells. Men can take some on their shoulders. For example, at home, the role of the “load” can be performed by a child or wife;
  • Deadlift. The advantage of this exercise is in the qualitative study of the transition between the buttocks and legs. It requires some kind of load (for example, dumbbells), so make sure that they are in your home. Let’s look at how to build legs with such traction. Take the load in your hands, place your feet (they should be slightly wider than the shoulders), push the body forward a little, bend your legs at the knees, and take the back back. Now lower your torso without bending your back. If everything is done correctly, then you will feel the stretching of the buttocks and legs of the muscles. The optimal implementation of the exercise is 3-4 approaches, 12-14 repetitions.

Now you know how to perform certain exercises correctly. It remains to form a training program for homework. Here the loop will be as follows:

  • on Monday, lunges forward, sumo squats and jumping on the stand;
  • on Tuesday – lunges forward, jumping on rise and squats with jumping;
  • on Friday – lunges forward, deadlift and sumo squats.
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Gym workout

A big plus if you have access to the athletic gym. In this case, the number of available exercises increases, and you can move on to the solution of another question – how to build legs in a more professional setting:

  • Stepping on the rise with a barbell. The advantage of this exercise is naturalness, because it imitates the usual movements for us (for example, climbing stairs). By the way, you can also perform pacing at home (just instead of a barbell on your shoulders in your hands will be dumbbells). The principle of implementation is simple – put a bench or box in front of you, put the barbell on your shoulders and start, alternately changing your legs, step up and down from it;
  • Squats with a barbell is one of the main exercises for the legs, base. Its advantage is the inclusion of stabilizer groups in the work, which significantly accelerates the growth of other muscles. Also, mass and strength are growing faster. To perform squats with a load, you must have strong shoulders and a neck, which have the greatest load. In the process of squats, do not tilt your head down – look straight. The body should be flat, legs at shoulder level, socks turned slightly outward. Squats do slowly to maximize the feeling of loaded muscle groups. Lower yourself until there is a right angle in the knee joint. If the exercise is performed correctly, the knee joint will not protrude beyond the toe;
  • Leg press is another exercise that should complement the workout in the gym. The advantage of such a simulator is the ability to work out different parts of the muscles depending on the location of the legs (narrower or wider).
leg press


That’s all. Now you know the most important thing – how to quickly build up your legs at home or in the gym. It remains to allocate time for training, normalize your diet and enjoy the results.

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