Recommendations on the principle of training and the program for beginners

Recommendations on the principle of training and the program for beginners

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How to approach the beginning of the training process in the gym. The sequence of the workout. What is powerlifting? Useful tips.

For many beginners, the first lessons in the gym are an incomprehensible science. Entering a new atmosphere of sport, a person does not know where to start, what should be the program, what aspects should be preferred first of all, and so on. Let’s look at what rocking is for beginners, and what is the essence of the first training.

General recommendations

To start training “from the bulldozer” is a useless and dangerous activity. You should have a program scheduled for several months, or better, for a year. It is important that it be compiled taking into account the introduction of permutations and changes every 3-4 months (as often as possible). This is necessary to exclude any muscle addiction to the training process.

Try not to overload yourself from the first workout. Particular attention should be paid not to the number of exercises done, but to their quality. You must clearly understand what the exercise technique should be, what actions cannot be performed, how much weight to take, and so on.

Improper dumbbell chest exercises standing or an erroneous program simply will not make any progress. In addition, the risks of getting injured during classes and “flying out” of sports for a long time increase significantly. So it’s best to avoid excessive stress in the first few months and build the habit of doing the exercises correctly.

At the initial stage, the best powerlifting training program is one that involves working out the muscles of the whole body. Despite criticism from professionals, it is suitable for beginners most of all. At the same time, it is important not only to observe the program, but also to strictly adhere to the daily regimen. In particular, sleep should last at least 8 hours. Otherwise, the muscles will not have time to recover in full.

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An important point is nutrition. Particular emphasis should be placed on protein products, add complex carbohydrates to the diet and eat 4-5 times a day (fractional version). It is advisable to make portions small, which contributes to better digestibility.

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Where to begin?

The training program for a beginner is conditionally divided into two simple stages:

  1. Try to start your workout with aerobic exercise. It is best to give preference to an exercise bike, running, swimming and so on. This type of exercise is best done in the morning (in extreme cases, before lunch). This is because it is during this period of time that the body is easiest to get rid of excess body fat.
  2. Pay special attention to the warm-up, which should not be less than five minutes. In the process of warming up, give a small load to all muscle groups – legs, neck, arms, abs and so on. The better your muscles are warmed up, the less risk of injury.

Pay special attention to basic exercises, because they help to work out not just a muscle, but a whole group. For example, an excellent exercise for beginners is the bench press. Here the pectoral muscles and arms are included in the work.

The optimal number of approaches is 3-4. As for the number of repetitions, it is not worth abusing much here. Choose such a weight that you can do about 8-10 repetitions with a little stress on the last repetitions. The first months, experts recommend that you do not overload the muscles very much and put the weight 40-50% less than you could perform in a particular exercise. If you set the maximum, then learning how to perform the exercise (from a technical point of view) is a difficult task.

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When working out such groups as triceps, forearm or lower leg, the number of repetitions should be more – up to 22-25 times. As for the rest between each of the repetitions, it should be no more than a minute. In the case of abdominal muscles, it is advisable to reduce the “smoke break” to 20-30 seconds so as not to allow the muscles to relax excessively.

Constantly monitor yourself during each set. With the help of mirrors, you can see how correctly the exercise is performed, what mistakes are made, what to correct in the first place.

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Useful Tips

Before the first trip to the gym, everything seems simple and understandable. But after the first trainings, questions begin to appear, what, how and why. Below we consider the basic tips that each newbie should consider:

  • dress properly. Flip flops, high platform shoes are best left at home. You must remember not only the convenience, but also the safety of the exercises;
  • the duration of training should not exceed 45 minutes (taking into account 10-12 minutes of cardio classes). If you are not a beginner in sports, then you can increase the duration to one hour (no more);
  • the optimal number of visits to the gym – twice a week. After a few months, you can proceed to 3-4 workouts. The best days for classes are Tuesday, Thursday;
  • if there is no time for constant training with a trainer, then you can pay for 4-6 classes. A professional will deliver the equipment, talk about the purpose of each of the simulators, and help to draw up a training program. Subsequently, it will be possible to decide whether to continue with the trainer or switch to independent training;
  • Find a room where you can pay for one lesson. So you can take a closer look at the new place of “work”, understand all its pros and cons. If the stop and the coach are suitable, you can buy a subscription for 6 months;
  • The best time for training is in the afternoon. The most productive hours are from twelve to two and from four to five in the evening. But here it is impossible to speak unequivocally. Some people like morning workouts more when their bodies are not very exhausted;
  • you can eat after class only after 50-60 minutes. During this period, blood drains from the stomach, and the food itself is absorbed much better. At the same time, in the afternoon and in the evening, lean more on complex carbohydrates and proteins. Be careful with dinner – here it is better to give preference to “light” food, for example, vegetables and rice;
  • drink during class. It is desirable that it was ordinary water. The average volume that goes for a man is one and a half liters, for women – one liter.
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Beginners should not be afraid of the gym, because sport is a true companion of each of us. The main thing is to approach the training process wisely and act without fanaticism. The first workouts should be retractable so that the muscles can get used to future loads.

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