Powerlifting what is it, exercises, history, equipment

All about powerlifting what is it, exercises, history, equipment

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Powerlifting: what is it

Powerlifting is a power sport, which is to overcome the maximum heavy resistance relative to the weight of the athlete. It is also called powerlifting. This is due to the fact that 3 exercises are included in powerlifting competitions: a squat with a barbell, a bench press and a deadlift. The most important thing in powerlifting is power indicators. Here, unlike bodybuilding, it does not matter how the body looks.

During the competition, athletes compete in different weight categories. For participation, men and women, as well as adolescents, are allowed. Athletes are evaluated based on the total maximum weight taken in 3 exercises. If the performance of the competitors is the same, the victory is given to the person with the smallest body weight.


Championship Winner Navickas E. (Egidijus Navickas). Photo from Arunas Petraitis archive

Powerlifting emerged from exercises that were used to increase strength in weightlifting. Previously, powerlifting included bending the arms with a barbell while standing, bench press, etc. These exercises became popular in Europe in the 40-50s of the last century. By the mid-60s, the main rules of the competition were determined, and different countries began to hold national tournaments.

In 1972, the International Powerlifting Federation ( IPF ) was founded , and in 1973 the first world championship was held. In 1986, the World Powerlifting Congress appeared . From that time to this day, the number of different organizations has been constantly growing. But the most authoritative is the International Powerlifting Federation.

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Powerlifting is part of the Paralympic Games. The program of the Paralympics includes only one exercise – a bench press lying without equipment.

Powerlifting is not included in the program of the Olympic Games. But powerlifting is included in the program of the World Games, which are held under the auspices of the International Olympic Committee.   The bench press of the bench is performed by Valentinas Vandis (Photo from the archive of Arunas Petraitis)   Squats with a barbell are performed by Valentinas Vandis (Photo from the archive of Arunas Petraitis)

Powerlifting equipment

Influence of powerlifting on the athlete’s organism and development of its power abilities

Today, sport is gaining wide popularity among young people. After all, it is he who has the greatest impact on health and is an opportunity to keep himself in good physical shape. One of such methods is strength training, because they perfectly affect the cardio-muscular apparatus, increase strength and endurance of muscles.
Powerlifting is a relatively young sport, the essence of which is to overcome the maximum weight when performing three exercises: squats with a barbell on the shoulders; bench press lying on a horizontal bench and pull the bar.

If you adhere to the correct training regimen, independently choosing loads, then the muscles, tendons and bones will become stronger, the heart will work correctly, and cholesterol and other harmful substances will not be able to stay in the body for a long time. In addition, such physical exercises reduce stress and anxiety – a good way to unload after a busy day. Powerlifting increases stamina. Even at the household level, one can feel positive results: one can easily overcome significant distances and shortness of breath disappears.

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Regular training in powerlifting helps to radically change your mood for the better. The body will be able to relax, renew itself and discard all the negative emotions that it received during the day. After such exercise, a sound sleep is guaranteed.

Powerlifting Equipment

Equipment is divided into mandatory and optional . By binding include :

  • wide belt;
  • tights;
  • T-shirt;
  • leg warmers or shields to protect the lower legs during the deadlift.

For optional are:

  • special shoes for squat or traction;
  • knee pads
  • wristbands.

Supporting equipment is also used to protect the athlete from injury . This is:

  • bandages for wrists and knees;
  • T-shirt for bench press;
  • T-shirt for squat and deadlift;
  • jumpsuit for squat;
  • jumpsuit for deadlift.