Powerlifting is a popular power sport for men and women

Powerlifting is a popular power sport for men and women

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Having a sporty, toned body is not only fashionable, but also beautiful. Many people who prefer an active lifestyle are not limited to balanced muscle development – they strive to develop functional strength. To achieve this goal, powerlifting classes are ideal for both men and women. Fans of this kind of sport are easy to notice – each cell of their body radiates incredible power.

What is powerlifting

What is powerlifting?

Powerlifting based on conducting strength training, during which the athlete’s main task is to overcome the maximum weight burden. 

In this sport, three main exercises are used that are used for powerlifting program and competition:

  • barbell squats
  • deadlift;
  • bench press.

Athlete qualification is determined by the total weight of the burden of each exercise. For an athlete engaged in powerlifting, the obtained strength indicators play an important role, in second place in importance is the desire to create a beautiful body.

Competitions, in which lovers of powerlifting take part, are successfully held all over the world. Most often, such competitions are organized in England, Russia and the USA.

Required Equipment

To start powerlifting, first you need to find a suitable place for training, equipped with the appropriate equipment. For instance,kickboxing here, requires a punching bag, while an athlete who prefers powerlifting needs a bar with weighted pancakes, a bench for bench press, a squat rack, bars and horizontal bar.

Powerlifting is a popular power sport

For a more convenient and effective training, it is recommended to purchase special sportswear:

  • weight lifting shoes or boots;
  • leather or vinyl belt that protects the back and abdominal muscles from injuries;
  • bandages for powerlifting.
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Special shoes during powerlifting workout are necessary in order to maintain the foot in the correct and safe position. To perform deadlift, wrestling shoes with a thin and flat sole are excellent. If there are no such shoes, you do not need to replace them with ordinary sneakers – it is better to do such an chest exercises barefoot.

Special bandages are used to prevent injuries to the knees and wrists. If necessary, they can be replaced with elastic medical analogues.