Powerlifting for beginners workout program

Powerlifting for beginners workout program

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Powerlifting for beginners – special tips for beginners, which will allow you to reach the heights of a specialist with the least number of errors and the greatest success. It is usually difficult to choose a good powerlifting training program of classes, in addition, often there are difficulties with incorrect awareness of the purpose of the training, but I generally keep quiet about the technique.

When compiling a program of classes on the topic of powerlifting benefits, it is important to consider that the main thing in the approaches is not the weight on the bar, but the number of repetitions performed. Light and medium weights will help in consolidating the correct coordination and technical abilities of competitive exercises. You should also pay more attention to supporting exercises. The bench press of dumbbells, different presses from behind the head, dumbbell exercises for chest muscles, pull-ups on horizontal bars, draft in the slope, twisting to the press, tilting through the goat – they will all help to tone the muscles and prepare them for work with large weights.

Newcomers quite 3 lessons per week. For example, on Mon to do squats and bench press, on Wednesday – deadlift and on Friday again squat and bench press. Also, every workout in powerlifting for beginners should do exercises of general physical development.

Powerlifting for beginners

Powerlifting beginner lesson plan:


  • Squats After a warm-up warm-up, we perform the first approach of squats with the least weight (for example, 30 kg) for 5 repetitions. After we throw 10 kg and perform 2 sets of 4 times. If the technique in these approaches has not been aggravated by weight gain, add another 10 kg and perform working 5 approaches 3 times.
  • Bench press, medium grip. This exercise will prepare your shoulder girdle and many pectoral muscles for the main competitive movement – the bench press. Take the light weight approach 6 times, then add another 5 kg and do 2 sets with 5 reps. Add another 5 kg and do 2 sets of 4 times. If these approaches did not cause you problems, throw in another 5 kg and make 4 sets of 3 repetitions.
  • Dumbbell wiring in powerlifting for beginners. This exercise is done while lying on a bench. Take dumbbells with LIGHT weight, take the starting position as in the bench dumbbell press. And as you inhale, lower the dumbbells down, describing the arc around you. In this exercise, the main thing is to perfectly stretch the pectoral muscles. On inspiration – lower the dumbbells, on exhalation – return to the starting position. So 10 times in 4-5 sets. Do not, under any circumstances, take a heavy load in this exercise.
  • Push-ups on the uneven bars. This exercise intentionally affects triceps. Do 5 x 8 times.
  • Leg press. This exercise is done in the leg press simulator. With an average load, do 5 sets with 5 reps each.
  • Slopes with a barbell in powerlifting for beginners are also performed according to the 5 x 5 scheme. They are aimed at strengthening the muscles of the lumbar spine.
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  • Deadlift. Warm up weight 5 times, add 10 kg and perform 4 repetitions, another 5 kg, perform 2 sets of 3 repetitions. Then, working approaches 4 to 3 repetitions with a weight of 20 kg more than the original weight.
  • Lifting to the biceps, 3 to 8-10 repetitions. Biceps is a stabilizing muscle in the bench press, therefore it is worth doing exercises for it every week.
  • Squats in the simulator. In this exercise, set the average load on the machine and do 5 x 5.


  • Squats With the initial weight, make an approach of 6 repetitions, then add 10 kg and make 2 sets of 5 repetitions. The working approach will be with a weight of 5 kg more than the previous one – 5 sets of 5 repetitions. On Friday, the squat weight is less than on Mon, but the volume is a bit more.
  • Bench press. The initial weighting is 5 repetitions, add 10 kg and perform 2 sets of 5 repetitions. Add another 5 kg and execute 5 x 4.
  • Dumbbell wiring. As in Mon, we perform 5 sets with a light burden for 10 repetitions.
  • Tilts through the goat. We perform this exercise to strengthen the deepest muscles of the back, 4 sets with 10 repetitions.
  • Twisting on a press, 3 sets with 10 repetitions.

Month of occupation and driving

Next week, depending on the correctness of all the actions, you can add 2.5 – 5 kg in squats, bench press and deadlift. The main thing in powerlifting for beginners at the initial level is to consolidate the skill of proper technical execution. Ask someone to follow your technique, make comments. It’s best to do it under the supervision of a trainer. After repeating the weekly cycle 4 – 5 times, do the so-called “penetration”, i.e. in each exercise, determine your own greatest weight. Insurance is indispensable! In order to get used to the competition later, do all three exercises in a day on the sinking. A sample plan should be like this:

  • Squats Initial load for 3 repetitions, add 10 kg for 3 repetitions, add 10 kg for 2 repetitions, then add 5 kg each and follow the approaches for only 1 repetition!
  • Bench press. Similarly.
  • Deadlift. Similarly.
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Subsequent deeds

Having determined the greatest weights in competitive exercises, having mastered powerlifting for beginners, you can already run to the lesson plan for advanced level athletes. In this regard, the working weights in the approaches will be calculated as a percentage of the largest weight. The main training volume will be built around 80-85 percent of a one-time maximum. Powerlifting for beginners is your way to the world of power sports.