How to conduct a cardio lesson at home

How to conduct a cardio lesson at home

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What does cardio workout mean? A set of the most effective exercises. Useful tips and tricks.

A good cardio workout is an opportunity to invigorate the body, start the processes of burning fat, strengthen the heart and main muscles of the legs. In this case, it is not necessary to go to the gym. Many exercises can be done at home, while achieving no less effect. In the article, we will consider how training with a cardio load is organized, what exercises will be most effective, and how to do them correctly.

What it is?

Many do not know what cardio training is. In fact, these are any movements that make the heart muscle work more actively, trigger the work of the respiratory organs and contribute to weight loss. Cardio classes include not only jumping, squatting and other simple exercises, but also playing hockey, tennis, football and so on. If we analyze such classes, then we can single out one general formula – maximum intensity and low load. In this case, the main plus is that the training can be carried out at home.

In order to properly organize the lesson and get the maximum effect (in the gym or at home), it is important to pay special attention to the heart rate. The role of a high-quality assistant is a regular heart rate monitor, which allows you to keep your heart rate within the acceptable range and prevent this parameter from exiting certain boundaries. Only with this approach, cardio training will be beneficial and safe for the heart.

It so happened that many do the exercises incorrectly. So, some train too slowly and sluggishly, which does not allow the heart to “accelerate” normally, while others, on the contrary, overload the heart muscle and get tired quickly. And if in youth too active training at home can get away with it, then at the age of it it will necessarily come back with certain problems.

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Keep in mind that each person has their own heart rate limits that you need to know before starting a cardio session. The calculation here is simple. Men need to subtract their age from 220, and women to do the same operation, but subtract from 214. The obtained value will be the upper limit frequency for which it is impossible to speak. Moreover, during the training process it is not recommended to go beyond the limit of 80-90% of the calculated heart rate. At the same time, exercises at home will give an effect (in relation to burning fat) already when reaching 65-70% of the calculated indicator.

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Basic Rules

If cardio training is carried out at home, be sure to remember a few simple rules:

  • take care of the joints. Do not forget that such simple exercises as running or jumping are completely safe only at first glance. In fact, they carry a serious load on the joints. To avoid problems, you need to train in high-quality shoes. If the training takes place at home, lay a mat under your feet to protect the flooring. This will not only protect expensive floors from destruction, but also save the peace of neighbors from the “loud” exercise;
  • music. Good cardio classes are always held under high-quality musical accompaniment. Pick up active music that will cheer you up and help you complete the exercise;
  • act diverse. A great option is a combination of exercises, their alternation, the use of various options. Agree, if you do the same thing for 50-60 minutes, then sooner or later it will bother you. In order for a training to become a habit and become a regular occurrence, it is necessary to make it interesting. Try to ensure that all muscle groups are connected to work during the class. For example, during jumping, you can additionally give a load to the hands;
  • control the pulse. The importance of this moment in performing cardio classes we have already mentioned above. All that is required of you is to control the pulse level and keep it at the level of 70-80% of the peak heart rate. If there is no heart rate monitor at hand, then an excessive load can be recognized by out of breath and the inability to talk calmly.
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For greater effectiveness, exercises should be combined into complexes and performed in groups. Below, we consider which of the complexes will be most effective for the home:

  1. Option number 1. Three exercises are included here:
    • plyometric push ups. Take a standard position, as is the case with the usual push-ups. Control the position of the legs and body (keep them in line). Lower yourself until the nose touches the floor. Then push the body so that the palms soar into the air. At the same time, make cotton and return to the floor, amortizing with the help of hands;
    • jumping out. Squat down, take the pelvic part back a little, firmly press the feet to the surface and do not bend. Then jump out and carefully land. Do not forget that the exercise is performed at home, in confined spaces. Therefore, make sure that there are no extraneous elements above the head;
    • occupation of a position an emphasis lying. Squat and firmly press your heels to the surface. Place your hands on the floor. Gradually transfer the mass to your hands and make small jumps with straightening your legs back. Upon returning to the original position, perform the exercise in the reverse order.
  2. Option number 2. The second set of cardio workouts is as follows:
    • climber pushups. When doing simple push-ups, bend one and the second leg alternately so that the knee touches the elbow joint. To avoid injuries, try to choose the most even and non-slip coating to perform;
    • running from a low start. Take the same position as in running at a low start. Bring one of the legs under the torso, and the other a little back. Of course, you do not need to run away. Just use the jumps to alternate foot positions. Your task is to jump out a little and transfer the mass to your hands. This exercise can be performed symmetrically, which is much harder;
    • saw fish. Again, take a position as with push-ups and transfer the mass to part of the forearm. Without deflection in the lumbar region, push the torso back, slipping your feet on the floor. At the same time, return to the original position without moving your legs (work exclusively with the strength of the hands).

The ideal option is to combine the two cycles described above. The initial number of repetitions is 10-12, after which they can be brought up to 25-30. At the same time, do not forget that the key to success is the duration of classes. It has already been proven that in a 2-hour training session you can burn 100-120 grams of fat.

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If you dream of a beautiful figure and good health, then cardio workouts should be part of your life. The main thing is to choose the right exercises, adhere to the rules and monitor your heart rate. At the same time, do not forget that cardio exercises are a big burden on the heart, so before starting workouts it will not be superfluous to consult a specialist.