How many times a week do you need to download biceps and how to do it right

How many times a week do you need to download biceps and how to do it right

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What movements are biceps responsible for. How many times a week and how many repetitions should this muscle be worked out. With what to combine it, exercise options.

Almost all professional bodybuilders pay special attention to one of the most beautiful muscles in the body – biceps. It so happened that the strength of a man is estimated precisely by the size of the biceps. And really. When asked to show the result of training, many simply bend their arm in the elbow joint and show the size of the biceps. Of course, the rest of the body plays an equally important role, but it is the biceps muscle that is an indicator and symbol of the quality of training.

It remains only to figure out how many times a week you need to swing your biceps to get the expected result, as well as what exercises you need to give preference to in the first place. Let’s deal with these issues.

A bit about biceps

As already mentioned, biceps in its structure is the biceps muscle, which is fixed to the radial bone on one side and the humerus to the other. The main task is to ensure the bending of the arms in the shoulders and elbows. In addition, with the help of biceps the hand is rotated. Moreover, in the latter case, the maximum biceps muscle tension occurs. Do not forget about another important point – achieving maximum amplitude.

In general, in terms of amplitude, there are two main approaches:

  1. Reduced movements involve working with a lot of weight, which allows you to better load muscle groups, increase strength. The disadvantage of small amplitude is the lack of stretching of the fibers and their work is actually in regular tension.
  2. The full amplitude provides the greatest stretching of the muscles, which makes the fibers work to the limit. The only drawback of this training is that it will not work to use large weights.
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What should be the number of repetitions?

As practice shows, the best study of the biceps muscle is possible only with repeated repetition. Therefore, you do not need to immediately load the barbell and throw maximum weight on it, because with this approach other muscle groups will be connected to the work, such as the trapezium, abs, biceps of the legs and others. With a lot of weight, the whole body will work, and the biceps muscle itself will receive a minimum load.

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To achieve results, the weight should be moderate, and the number of repetitions – no more than 12-15. You can get a greater effect if you work near the wall in the gym or at home, which will not allow you to deviate much when doing the exercise.

Training frequency

Another question for beginners concerns how often to train this muscle group, what to pay attention to first. Everything is simple here. The optimal number of workouts is 2-3 times a week. In this case, you do not have to worry about the likely overtraining. The biceps are good because it recovers much faster and in a day is ready for new loads. But this does not mean that you need to forget about the other components of success – good sleep and proper nutrition.

What to combine with?

Most programs require an integrated approach to training, that is, combining several muscle groups at the same time. But what about biceps? Ideal is the allocation of a separate day for the biceps, but in practice, of course, it is very difficult to implement. One of the best options is to combine triceps and biceps, which you can pay attention to in one day. The sequence of study may be different. For example, you can start with the biceps muscle, followed by transition to triceps, or vice versa.

A great option is supersets. The only downside is that in order to organize such a training, an excellent level of preparation, powerful lungs and a strong heart are needed. The reason for all these requirements is that the intensity of the supernets is maximum, and not every organism can withstand it. At the initial stage, you can cheat a little and give the body a short break between sets (within 30-40 seconds).

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It is allowed to combine biceps with another muscle – the chest. The plus of the “chest” exercises is that they practically do not require the biceps muscle. As a result, forces are not wasted.

Some athletes combine the development of biceps with exercises on the back, which can be used as a “finishing” of the main group. For example, you can do several exercises for the biceps for 3-4 approaches, and then allocate time for several sets for the back.


Thus, the optimal amount of training for biceps is no more than three times a week. If possible, pay special attention not to increasing working weights, but to working out your biceps muscles for pumping, implying working out the muscles with small weights, but with maximum repetition. An important point is the combination of conventional training with pumping.

Best exercises

The most popular exercises that allow you to quickly and efficiently work out your biceps include:

  • lifting the bar (standing position). The advantage is the study of all muscle groups that are involved in bending the arm, with a maximum load on the biceps head;
  • grip from the bottom. In this case, the barbell is at the level of the hips, and the knees are slightly bent. Watch your spine – it should be as straight as possible. Bend your arms gradually and raise your projectile to shoulder level. Press the elbow joints to the side of the torso. In the upper position, the pause should be as short as possible so that the biceps do not have time to relax. Then slowly extend your arms, returning them to their original position. Throughout the exercise, the body should be qualitatively fixed without leaning back;
  • bending arms on an inclined bench. The advantage of this exercise is the ability to stretch your biceps muscles as much as possible. This is real thanks to the abduction of the arms and the slight tilt of the bench. An important point is the load, which should not be too large when performing this exercise. At the same time, pay attention to the technique, and not to the stretching of muscle groups;
  • bending arms with dumbbells while standing. In this case, the lifts are carried out alternately, the spine is as even as possible, hands near the torso. The advantage of this exercise is the ability to work out your biceps in a short time.
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The biceps muscle is considered one of the most whimsical in terms of development. She needs maximum variety in the training process. Therefore, to achieve results, you need to combine regular workouts (with a lot of weight) and pumping – workouts with minimal loads.

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