About us

Hello visitors to my site! You probably want to know who I am and why you should listen to my articles? My name is Matthew Green, then I could write that I am a bodybuilding guru and upload 100,500 photoshop photos of which I’m how 50% of “bodybuilders” do on the network. And since I want to be honest and open to you, I inform you that I have no outstanding success in bodybuilding. I just love this sport and have been practicing it since adolescence. I think that not only pitching with biceps under 50 cm can give knowledge and experience. If a person has achieved success in improving his body, this does not mean at all that his technique will suit you, because everyone has their own genetics, their own lifestyle and their own health . We are all different, and only through our experience can we pave the way to a perfect body. Also, a symbiosis from someone else’s successful experience and high-quality information that I am going to present on this site can help us!

What I really know how to do is to systematize information qualitatively and believe me, I will be able to convey to you in an understandable way all the “tricks” of bodybuilding. Almost 90% of professional athletes sit on steroids, they have a different lifestyle, they do not go to training after a hard day’s work. So why listen to them? I doubt very much that their methods will work on an ordinary average person. And believe me, DO NOT WORK!

This is not even specifically my blog, this is a bodybuilding blog as current, only with my eyes! Here I will generalize the experience of many novice athletes, there will also be information about professionals who are on steroids, but everything will be adapted for ordinary people with weak or medium genetics. In addition, there are people who have chosen an easier way to a full body, for them there will also be a lot of useful things!

Stop surfing the Internet in search of a magical technique! It’s just not there. Only your work and the tasks performed in steps will give you the body of your dreams. Subscribe to my blog and it is here that you will find everything for building your perfect body!